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At Perfect Wills & Estate planners, we are deeply committed to providing families with peace of mind through meticulous and tailored estate solutions. With a passion for safeguarding legacies and ensuring the well-being of your loved ones, I lead our team in delivering personalised services that stand the test of time. Your family's security and future are at the heart of everything we do, and I am honored to guide you through the journey of securing what matters most.

About Us

Perfect Wills & Estate Planners are trusted estate planning advisers, protecting families for the future years.

Located in the heart of Wombourne, Wolverhampton our estate planning firm has been established since 2016. Steve Owen founded the practice to meet the needs of our local communities. He had identified that with no future planning and structure, there was lack of help and support available for families when they needed it most. This was particularly the case due to the increase in challenges to Wills in recent years. In response, Steve formed a solution which provided a full range of estate planning services, offering what we believe is an unrivalled level of protection.

Working with trusted professional associations of law practitioners, chartered accountants and Independent Financial Advisors, we through our associates can provide expert bespoke advice, tailored to meet our client needs and ensure protection for their families.

Frequently Asked Questions

NO! A basic will does not protect your assets.

Family assets can easily be lost through remarriage, disputes, claims from 3rd parties, sideways disinheritance, assets going to your children’s spouses unintentionally or assets going to people you wish to exclude.

No! You will need powers of attorney for your financial affairs and health and welfare.

Depending on your assets and marital status, it can vary. You should try and mitigate any liability as soon as possible.

To discuss these and any other concerns, please contact us now for a free 30 minute consultation.

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Trusted by many, our services consistently meet and exceed client expectations.

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Our team possesses extensive expertise in UK estate planning, ensuring peace of mind.

A Family Business

Rooted in family values, we offer a personal touch in every consultation.

Whatever it Takes

We go above and beyond, ensuring every detail is addressed for your peace of mind.

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Our Services

  • To provide financial security if you have children, family dependants. Or you may even want to leave something to loved ones/causes close to your heart that are outside your immediate family e.g. Charities or friends
  • Making a Will allows you to appoint guardians for your children and choose executors, the people you know and trust to carry out your intentions, as you wished. Everything you own in the absence of a Will, as defined by law, will be shared out in a standard way – not necessarily the way you would have wanted
  • With a Will it makes it much easier for your family or friends to sort everything out when you die, knowing they are carrying out your intentions as you wished – without a Will the process can be time consuming and stressful
  • A Will can help reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax that might be payable on the value of the property and money you leave behind. (This can be particularly important if you are married and you have a large estate)
  • Even if you already have a Will, family situations can evolve through divorce, marriage, extended (step) families, or a birth of a child. It is important Wills are updated to keep pace with these changes in family life, which may affect how your current Will deals with your legacy
  • It can provide for your dependents who may not be able to manage their own affairs, such as children, elderly, the disabled, or persons suffering from illness
  • Preserve your family home and assets against 3rd party claims
  • Utilise tax allowances for inheritance tax purposes
  • Mortgage Warehouse Financing Workouts
  • Avoids going through probate (typically probate can cost between 1.5% to 5% of the value of your estate)
  • Allows the trustees to manage the property if you no longer have the physical or mental capacity to do so, which could potentially save many thousands of pounds in care home fees
  • In the UK, having a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is essential for those who want to ensure their affairs are in trusted hands should they lose the capacity to make decisions. Whether due to illness, an accident, or age-related conditions like dementia, an LPA ensures that decisions regarding one's finances, health, and welfare are made in their best interest by someone they trust
  • The Property and Financial Affairs LPA allows the appointed person to make decisions concerning the donor's money and property. This includes managing bank or building society accounts, paying bills, collecting benefits or pensions, and even selling the person’s home if necessary. It offers peace of mind, ensuring that financial matters will be handled responsibly and in the best interests of the individual
  • The Health and Welfare LPA is designed to give the appointed individual the authority to make decisions about the donor's health and personal welfare. This encompasses decisions about medical care, daily routine (like eating and dressing), life-sustaining treatment, and even where they should live. It can only be used once the person no longer has the capacity to make these decisions for themselves
  • It's crucial to set up an LPA while one is still mentally capable. Once set up, it won't be in effect until the person loses capacity unless otherwise specified. By preparing early, individuals can discuss their preferences with the appointed attorney, ensuring that their wishes will be followed even if they can't express them in the future
  • Estate Planning Protects Beneficiaries – You can choose, not the court, who will inherit from your assets, possessions and valuables by appointing executors
  • Estate Planning Protects Young Children and Dependants – You can ensure children/dependants are cared for by your instruction, through appointment of guardianship. Without a Will naming those guardians a court will decide who raises your children as no provision was made
  • Estate Planning allows you to tax plan, utilising full tax allowances for inheritance tax purposes, through asset transfer
  • Estate Planning helps you to plan for unforeseen life circumstances, for example divorce, remarriage/step families, bankruptcy and more such as in a family trust
  • Estate Planning protects for the future years. For if someday you become unable to make decisions regarding your financial and personal welfare, due to physical and/or mental capacity reasons, by granting authority through Powers of Attorney, you can appoint those trusted, to make those important decisions regarding where you live and who cares for you on a daily basis, rather than the authorities
  • Estate Planning assists in avoiding lengthy and costly Probate – A simple Will does not usually avoid probate. The authentication of the Will could still be challenged. Probate can typically cost between 1.5-5% of the value of your estate and take a minimum of three to four months, but could take over two years to complete. The setting up of a Specialist Probate Trust can be a very effective and affordable way to avoid your beneficiaries going through Probate

What Others Say About Us

I cannot recommend this company enough. Everything was taken at my Mom's pace. All information was explained clearly. Very friendly and understanding people.


Steve is extremely knowledgeable and was very understanding of our complicated requirements. His clear advice and guidance has made us feel more secure about our and our children’s futures.

N. FlavellGOOGLE

Couldn't recommend Steve and the team enough, from responding quickly, going above and beyond and giving advice on some complicated matters. So pleased we found Perfect Wills.


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